New Orleans Food Tour

New Orleans is nationally known for many things, its local culture, traditions, nightlife, festivals, and food. With the abundance of historic spots and new eateries popping up every day, it can be hard to delegate your meals in the best way when visiting the famous city. Here at Silverfirst Inc., we’ve got years of hometown experience under our belt, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of our favorite food spots in New Orleans for adventurous visitors and locals alike.

Blue Oak BBQ

You can’t come to the south and not enjoy a good barbeque meal. Blue Oak might have the best BBQ meats in the city, and the coleslaw is no joke.

Café Amelie

Calling all Yelpers, Café Amelie is the number one restaurant in NOLA, so that speaks for itself. An outdoor courtyard café, Amelie offers a delectable brunch and their gumbo is a local favorite.

Turkey and the Wolf

This place is just cool. With a menu full of inventive sandwiches, many garnished with Dorito dust and other simplistic yet mind-blowing delicacies.

Restaurant Rebirth

The DNA makeup of New Orleans consists of Cajun, Creole, and Seafood, all of which are staples at Rebirth. Located in the Warehouse District, this spot is a bit more upscale with a menu boasting some of the more inventive dishes you will try in your life. Silverfirst recommend: order the bread pudding, you will not be disappointed.


This spot, not unlike the rest, has impressed us time and time again with its delicious food and wide menu. However, what truly warms our heart about this restaurant is their Happy Hour special. Stop into Luke’s for .75 cent oysters & a French 75 cocktail- a dizzying blend of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar.

Cochon Butcher

Many come to NOLA for the seafood and Cajun-style dishes, but one food sector that we’ve really mastered is burgers. Cochon Butcher might have the best burgers in the city. Located in the Warehouse District, this restaurant offers dishes like Duck Pastrami Sliders, Buckboard Bacon Melt, the Pig Mac, and more. This won’t be your typical burger, but we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Those are our picks, let us know what you think! Of course, in a city known for its food, there is no way to conclusively decide the top spot, you will have to decide for yourself. From all of us here at Silverfirst, Inc., we wish you good luck on your New Orleans Food Tour.

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